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The cheaper, faster and better way to do precast concrete stairs

Staircases present many on-site problems for the builder. Floor-to-floor heights vary, as do riser and tread dimensions. Typically, skilled carpenters set out and build the shuttering with expensive and extensive propping and specially designed reinforcing being required before the concrete is poured. This laborious task is normally expensive, skills-intensive and time consuming. We believe Winstep® Precast Concrete Staircases are the solution.

Winstep® is Cost-Effective

Due to the fact that the high cost of shuttering is eliminated, and that the Winstep® elements are precast and pre-stressed, the System allows for a painless and simple on-site installation.

This results in an average saving of up to 30% over conventional in-situ concrete staircases.

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How the Winstep® system works

Winstep® is a prestressed precast concrete staircase, ramp and walkway system comprising precast concrete treads and reinforced concrete stringer beams.


Precast concrete treads with radiused undersides are fixed into matching scalloped stringer beams. The pitch of the scallops is constant. As the stringer beams are raked to the required angle, the treads are rotated in the scallops to their level position and fixed in place.

The riser heights and the tread lengths thus vary to accommodate the rake, and maintain the geometry of good stair design. A special adhesive has been selected to bond the concrete components together.

For comfortable stairs, the formula 2 x RISER + TREAD = 600 to 650mm is used (Neufert). Applying this formula to the steepest stair allowed by the National Building Regulations i.e. RISER 200mm, TREAD 250mm, we get (2 x 200) + 250 = 650mm. By Pythagoras, the diagonal distance from nose to nose is 320mm.

Full structural information and component options are contained in our system catalogue.

Winstep® Assembly Combinations

Interchangeability of components is fundamental to the Winstep® System. Combinations of closed or open tread types may be used with either beam type, and either beam type may be used in the same stair or walkway. SB1 Stringer Beam & TR1 Treads are subject to availability in your area.

winstep precast concrete staircase winstep precast concrete staircase