Reductive Innovation In Architecture

Our founder, past President of SAIA and 2016 Sophia Gray Memorial Lecture Laureate, Al Stratford, will be presenting a free 0.2 credit CPD talk on the 14th of March 2018 at The Building Centre, Cape Town.

Architect Al Stratford presents his alternative route from early “hands on” beginnings in engineering, building contracting and furniture design, through innovation and invention into architectural products and on to recognition of prior learning as Pr. Architect; presidency of SAIA; architectural practice including innovative naturally ventilated University of Fort Hare project; and lastly his work in pioneering new sustainable architectural building technology.

This presentation covers a broad spectrum of knowledge including pre-cast concrete technology; Design and detailing of fenestration; staircases and suspended flooring; Furniture design with particular reference to seating; Wind and solar driven displacement ventilation. An insight into process engineering and the protection of intellectual property is also covered. Rational design is a driving force behind all of Al’s work, this approach to architecture will inspire architects to explore work beyond the limiting “deemed to satisfy” rules of the National Building Regulations.


RSVP to Alma @ The Building Centre:
(021) 410 5000